Impress the world with Japanese design

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Exportation of Japanese Design

◇ Let’s impress the world with Japanese design

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Exportation of Illustrations and industrial commercial digital design

Main Export Destinations : China, Taiwan, USA, France

Major Business Partner :  Tencent Group ; Alibaba Group ; Giant Group ; Shanda Entertainment ;

Number of Illustrators:  over 200 illustrators(2017.3)

Recruiting: Illustrators, Manga Artists…

Let’s impress the world with your design ^^

Treatment: 20% higher than the general (no membership fee)

Please send your profile and portfolio at Email:

② Global E-Learning

◇Let people from all over the world learn Japanese design techniques at an affordable price

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 E-Learning planning, production management, global sales. Order for corporate production

Publishing area: China, Taiwan, USA, France

Platforms: Tencent Lectures (China),  Alibaba Education (China’s Nº1),  Hahow (Taiwan Nº1),  Udemy (USA)

Course cumulate time : 30 000 minutes

Teaching Illustrators: Takako Inoue, Akito Tsukimoto, Maru, Sawaguchi Kaori, Shogaki Oguchi, Atsushi Sasaki, Chieko Mitsue


A. Exclusivity on Tencent and Alibaba platforms (China’s largest platforms)

     B.  First result for the search of the keyword [Japan, education] [Japan, design] in China

     C. Taiwan’s first Japanese Drawing  e-Learning offer, over  500% of achievement at the crowd funding stage

     D. The first one to provide e-Learning of Japanese design in America. Products are now learning  by learners from 13 countries over the world

     E. The 14th JAPAN e-Learning Award Cool-Japan Prize Winner

     About JAPAN e-Learning Award

③ IP (intellectual property) management

◇ Let’s spread contents and characters to the world

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 Production and management of IP (Intellectual Property). Planning and selling of goods.

Corporate IP agent, mediation and management

Main operation area: China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand

Business partner: Alibaba Group (China), Tencent Group (China), (China), (China), Mango TV (China), QUAN (Japan), TV TOKYO (Japan), DMM. Com (Japan)

Operating IP quantity: over 200

Strength & Features:

A. Construction of scheme(Definition of clients right,Royalties & contract negotiations,Conflict resolution)

     B. Deposit, Tariff, Scenario, Schedule, Adjustment of broadcasting lines…

     C. Content supervision, trademark countermeasures, rights management, process inspection, translation

Know How sharing and free consultation at Email:

④ Integrated production

◇ Let’s make beat the heart of the world

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Associate Production (Scenario Production, Casting, Digital Art, Animation Production, Manga Production)

Main operation area: China, Taiwan, Hong Kong,

Major Business Partners: Tencent Group (China), Major Shopping Mall, China Game Federation, China Advertising Federation

⑤Cosplayer production More

◇ Bring talents of foreign cosplayers to Japan.

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Management of foreign cosplayers  (Photography meeting,Entertainment activities)

Main operation area: China, Taiwan, Hong Kong

Major Business Partners:,, Game company,Entertainment office

Chinese Coser Collection

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