Impress the world with Japanese design

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◇Multi Production Division

①Vision Group

Comprehensive Art Product, 2DCG, 2D Animation (Live2D, etc.), 3DCG, Character Design, LOGO & UI, etc

②Audio Group

Character Voice, Music, BGM, Game Sound Effects, etc

③Script Group

Game Scripts, Film&Series Scripts, Worldview & Character & Settings, etc

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Export Countries and Regions:  China Mainland , Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwa, MENA (Middle East and North Africa), South Korea,  United States, France, etc

Major Clients:  Tencent Group (5 Studios and All supply categories), Alibaba Group, Giant Interactive Group, Shanda Group, Netease, ByteDance, Bilibili, Lilithgames, YUQI, LONGTU GAME, Riot Games, Riot Games, There are 800 such as Riot Games, Perfect World, Seasun Entertainment, Changyou, KingSoft, Baidu, 4399 Games, Chinese Embassy in Japan and so on

Partner illustrators (part):  藤ちょこ | 珈琲貴族 | 森倉円 | イリヤクブシノブ | 月神るな | なつめえり | よー清水 | あすだ | 柚希きひろ | 卷羊 | 望月椎那 | 木屋町 | 成瀬ちさと | ももいろね| ももしき | ni02 | うえはらゆきひこ | さくらもち | により | ティカ | 柑柚 | 早緑なな | ひとなつ | 市倉とかげ | 鉄人桃子 | 雪子 | マナカッコワライ | エイチ | ののこ | プリャカワフスキ | 飴色みそ | 知梨 | 吟 | まくらこ | Aちき | TKN | にもし | すももも | 山田ゆこ | つえづ | あじなしこ | wingheart | KGT | 徒歩 | ちた | 川上らいと | とぴあ | 外道 | enji | ツグトク | 東京幻想 | sila | こうましろ | JJ_1 | シヴァ | Cherrypin | イルレ | 胡麻乃りお | 豆の素 | 此処シグマ | Nekobell | さるぢえ | カノラユ | 藍飴 | リンゴキャラメル | かがちさく | ちょこころね | にゅむ | 純粋 | Aile | ヤマザキミコ | 黄ばんだごはん | ふーぷ | 七原しえ | 憂目さと | バラバババ | やみや | Mo | 川崎愛実 | KEKI | LLLthika | Melings | ざべお | みく郎 | あやみ | 林けゐ | なび | nijimaarc | KMH | ハヤブサ | 天由 | Ecien | ペコー | AU | 有末リオ | Osd | cinkai | タラオ | comet | elran | ぽせき | 藤真拓哉 | たかなしA | 也な | ホノジロ(思春期) | LAM 等41,300人(2020.1)

Character Voice:  Shortest Period & Highest Quality & Lowest Price Of the whole content industry

For more details, please connect our Business Development

◇Copyright Operation Division

①License Sales

Provided From Great copyright companies and their subsidiaries, the most complete and fastest approach

②License Management

Overseas Copyright Authorized Service, Income Trust, International Settlement, Supervision and Consultation

Languages: English, Chinese, Arabic, Korean, Japanese

Recommended Law Firm:  TMI Associates

Settlement Bank:  Mitsui Bank (Japanese Yen) | HSBC (US Dollar, RMB, Euro, Japanese Yen)

③Online Publishing

The most comprehensive Japanese Online Course provider in Japan such as illustration, music, color, comics, kimono, and crafts

Provide Huge education content and customized content for education platforms and corporations

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Sales area:  67 countries and regions in the world

Copyright Cooperation Companies (part):  TV TOKYO Corporation, Mitsui & Co., Ltd., Nikkei BP, Kodansha, Shochiku, Kadokawa, Nintendo, Bandai, SEGA, KDDI, Shueisha, SONY, TV TOKYO, DeNA, SQUARE ENIX, MAGES, Comix Wave, Toho, Tezuka (respectively abbreviated), etc

Accumulated reading time of online publishing users:  500,000 minutes~

Performance:  A. Internet Keyword Search [Japan, Education] [Japan, Design] No. 1

B. The first time to successfully provide Japanese e-Learning in Taiwan, the target rate of crowdfunding reached 623%

C. The first time to successfully provide Japanese e-Learning in the United States

D. Won the “Cool Japan Special Section Award of the 14th Japan e-Learning Award”

Japan e-Learning Award(Japanese)

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◇Marketing & Management Division

①Offline Marketing Strategy @ Japan

Strategic marketing of exhibitions, live events, and PR in Japan

②Overseas Offline Marketing Strategy

Strategic marketing of exhibitions, live events, PR overseas

③Online Marketing Strategy

Online advertising (SNS advertising, KOL advertising), TV advertising, Theater Advertising, Idol Artist Incubator

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Main business areas:

China Mainland , Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, Japan

Partners (part):

①Artist personal Exhibition, Tokyo Content Exhibition, Live Sponsor Advertising, East Japan JR Advertising, etc

②ChinaJoy Exhibition, IDO (Beijing Animation Carnival Exhibition), etc

③ advertisement, MediBang advertisement, Pixiv advertisement, Yahoo advertisement, Japan Economic News Agency advertisement, etc

③Idol Artist Incubator-CCC (China Coser Collection) Project

Cosplayers Incubation and Cultivation (cross-regional photography, cultural activities, Show Girl)

China Coser Collection

Project details

Cooperation contact: